A discerning appraisal

Without putting people in boxes you might be here


lead-and-learnMany people are really good at what they do, but when it comes to further development, there is not a great deal on offer, that is really challenging and, stretching

Highly skilled and motivated, with sound record of performance and achievement, over long periods.  Certainly in the category of develop reward and retain

In terms of education and training, probably done a lot

Keen to expand self-awareness, and savvy, with emphasis on new insights and, higher levels of personal effectiveness



tunnelAspects not good as they could be or, have been (we all go through similar patches)

Performance out of sorts for some reason, below par, without really understanding why?

If obvious would have been dealt with by now

Probably tried various options to fix over time, without success (that is sustainable)

What’s needed is a fresh new perspective and, approach.  Reconnecting to what really matters, removing extraneous clutter or distraction, focusing on the critical-few


self delusion (3)Some can be accused of operating like “A-grade plumbers” – but living in a house with the worst plumbing in the street

Able to get results, but lacking savvy and self-awareness where it counts most, at “home” so to speak

Often more successful or longer in the job/organisation, the harder it is to “see” what could do with some helpful attention.  Blindspots…. we’ve all got them

To illustrate: there is an insightful saying – “at some point, we have to stop throwing life-buoys to people floating-by and, walk upstream and, find out who is throwing them off the bridge, and why?”

Perhaps could be time for interruption to behaviour for those ‘doing the throwing from the bridge’ – orchestrating new engaging, sustainable approaches, without compromising results or performance

Outcome is key people far more effective, and influential, as well as related and inclusive; without generating any unnecessary angst or, static around them – measured by harmful, wasted or repeated effort – “swimming or drowning by others” – you know what we mean