The emperor has no clothes

In a recent “Business Review” article, more than half the people would exit their organisation, if they could

In other words, if able to find similar work and pay.  If true, it would be sad indictment on quality of executive leadership.  It is well known, people don’t leave the organisation, they leave their manager

Dog sledWith good focus on measurement, and performance nowadays, why aren’t these executives held accountable for impact and, culture/environment they create?

As “lead dog on the sled” they set pace and rhythm

If more than half want to leave, what does that say about inclusiveness, employee engagement, commitment; or the flip-side, missing discretionary effort, absenteeism, expense of re-work, lost opportunity, limited growth and renewal?

Might explain why work for “half” has lost attraction, now dutiful, pressured, faster is slower, efficiency and productivity declining, with a tired < sigh > of resignation, heard exhaling down workplace corridors.  People are disillusioned; working for individuals who don’t lead (or, don’t know how).  This is counterproductive, disruptive and certainly boring for those at the “affect” of the leadership deficit

Maybe time for a re-think, even asking the question, is “what we’re doing working (or, anywhere near good enough)”?

Are our key people growing (as individuals) and, taking care of others around them or, have they stalled?  Here’s a real scary question – am I growing?

Still getting the numbers – or close to it, but with more and more effort, for the same outcome – and, when you really think about it – at what real cost (over the longer term)?

Is our workplace environ (be in no doubt, this means executive leadership) sucking the life out of people, making them tired and, wanting to leave?

Here’s an important message then…

cavalry arent coming