Behind the scenes

Perhaps the most moving death soliloquy in cinematic history is delivered by the doomed Rutger Hauer character, Roy Batty, in the 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner

The sequence occurs during a heavy downpour moments before Batty’s own death.  Known as “Tears in the rain”  the speech reflects the poignancy, fragility and fleeting nature of existence

Life comes at us in all sorts of ways, highs and lows, twists and turns.  Events, no matter how disruptive or painful at the time, bring defining knowledge and wisdom that money can’t buy

In the bleak wet of night, Batty cries-out defiantly and triumphantly:  “I’ve seen things”  emphasisng a timeless and universal sense of knowing that only years of experience and insight can provide

Having worked extensively, internationally and domestically, in leadership and personal development, dealing-with complex issues, interests and intrigue, challenges, trials and tribulations, and lots of “different people”…. “Andrew has seen things

While on occasions there have been floods of “tears in the rain” the result is developing a unique, captivating, down-to-earth approach, unsurpassed anywhere in the world, combining the “art” and “science” of high performance and effectiveness; a joining that can only come from deep learning, practice and a profound understanding

People Andrew works with gain an immediate and real benefit.  Underpinned by the elegant, unsurpassed design and technology of Mundamutti Mastery, individuals grow enormously:

  • Transforming who they are and what they do
  • Expanding capacity and capability
  • Succeeding in areas previously thought difficult, were stuck or having most trouble
  • Going way beyond the “same old, same old” bringing fresh new approaches
  • Challenging assumptions and prevailing wisdom – being unstoppable
  • Stepping-out of well worn patterns and routines; “polishing the mirror” prompting clarity of thought and decisiveness
  • Developing a timely elegance, artistry and simplicity to approaching life

Highly skilled in many disciplines, is one of the aspects, that make Mundamutti Mastery so effective.  So too, is Andrew’s unique capability, derived from diverse background, and training:

  • Andrew held line positions in a variety of industries including oil, securities and funds management, property development, farming and small business, holiday resort management, while extensive role in organisational and leadership consulting, brought even wider exposure, and experience
  • Of note is Andrew’s year’s of study and research, matched with an “eclectic-combo” of academic qualifications, including an MBA; a Graduate Diploma from the Securities Institute of Australia; a Graduate Diploma of Counseling Psychology, a Graduate Diploma of Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Science with Honours.  Andrew also has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and, has trained to the level of master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programing; and, as a Six Sigma Black Belt.  He is also accredited in a whole raft of psychological and psychometric tools, that can be used to obtain insight, better perspective and, critical data

All of this makes for a vibrant, colourful tapestry of competencies, and wherewithal, that have been carefully crafted together, to produce a premium learning outcome.  Results spring from a wealth of experience, ages of it, compassion, and at root an inconsolable devotion to transformation, ending suffering and real living; which gives a certain fatalism to everything that Andrew does

Combined with a very practical, sophisticated, solution-focused style…. enduring and cultivated, like Mundamutti, Mildura, Australia

Outstanding personal awareness, insight and development