Tick all the boxes


IMG_6539-2Years of experience designing, delivering leadership and personal development learning experiences

Relevance and depth

Bringing a keen appreciation and understanding of issues, dilemmas facing people and world they operate in

Strong process design credentials

Creating innovative, challenging, insightful, educative events for senior executives, valued individual contributors and important players that always gets to the heart of the matter

Practical hands-on what works approach

IMG_6644What people can actually take and use backed by strong understanding of key principles of development and learning theory/practice

Clear delivery style

Predicated on belief that a good learning environment is respectful, appropriately challenging, energising, enjoyable, delivering results

Extensive knowledge of and accreditation

In many diagnostic instruments and techniques as well as different learning methodologies

Ability to seize the moment

IMG_6530Flexibility to tap into experience, questions, concerns, issues ensuring these are seamlessly integrated.  It is never a formula or “one size fits all” mentality

Premium capability

Extensive expertise working one-to-one and one-to-group on issues relating to personal effectiveness and growth

It is all about the linkages

All parts are integrated reinforcing and generating an unsurpassed learning experience.  As our name clearly intimates – “Growing People”

Encourage and empower

To engage, learn, take responsibility for outcomes and actions.  There are no passengers