Self Delusion, we all do it

A person’s task is always to “begin afresh, afresh, afresh”.  But this is so easy to forget.

It seems all people are afflicted (some for longer than others) once they begin to repeat themselves, once initial excitement and attraction have faded.

Yet it is devilishly difficult to detect in yourself and to correct.

In such times the mind grows lazy.

It doesn’t reach into itself for new challenges or, go in search of excellence or, inspiration, being content to offer a rough caricature of yesterday’s presentation.

Soft, alluring, so-likely option, is to remain where we are or, to only fiddle about at the edges, without making substantive changes.

In effect, becoming the running, jumping, standing still person…. stuck on the treadmill of habit.

Only a fraction of what could be.  What a waste?