Over to you

  • Interested in being better than you imagined
  • Anchored sense of purpose, accomplishment
  • Generating real sense of calm and presence
  • Building quality relationships, inspiring others
  • Getting things done with minimum fuss and energy
  • Putting the “buzz” back – zing in your spring
  • Awareness, understanding, being at home with just “you”

But, in this context:

  • Increased self awareness and personal development doesn’t just happen all by itself – “the person on top of the mountain didn’t fall there”
  • More sophisticated and rational the thinking, longer in the job or discipline, higher position in organisation, the harder it can be
  • Doing more, working harder, waiting, putting-off or hoping doesn’t help.  Nor does trying to find some new medium, breakthrough process or silver-bullet, might as well gamble
  • Importantly, focus needs to shift squarely to the personal (individual)
  • Answers (meaning further development) can’t come from outside or be imposed rather must arise from within.  Herein lays the essence of personal mastery amidst the delightful and at times frustrating challenge of dealing with oneself

That’s the good and bad news all rolled into one…. starts and finishes with you.  No-one else

Introducing “Trimtab Truffles” and mundamutti mastery

Notice that when things are going really well, in-flow or on-song, activity is easy almost effortless, timeless…. in effect “you’re not there” there is no “I”?  And when results are not as spectacular, less than ideal or unsatisfactory, people just don’t seem to get it or do what you want them to…. “you’re there, front and centre in the middle of everything”?  Hmmm.  Seems that getting out of the way (not “being there”) more often would help everybody’s performance, including your own?

Reinventing the wheelBut let’s not kid anybody – sometimes process of important self-improvement may have stopped, been missing for a long-time, even overlooked, and when finally thought about or taken-on, is no easy or simple business

However, with astute input and insightful intervention learning and growth can be really efficient and impactful.  No need to reinvent the wheel

If key fundamentals and points of leverage are understood and acted upon results come quickly.  Small subtle changes can have a big influence

Trim TabFocusing on unique human factors or distinctions that make a difference (a distinction is like balance on a bicycle, once realised you get it for life)




“Trimtab Truffles” are key distinctions that have life-changing impact on a person’s capability and influence


Like a trim-tab on a ship or plane, providing enormous leverage – up/down; left/right – success or failure; joy or suffering; literally changing everything.  Like a distinctive hidden-from-view truffle, tasty pungent aromatic; very, very, select.  Needing a keen nous and, honed expertise (training) to find them

Putting together – richly rewarding – anything is possible

Special opportunity to consider some  Trimtab Truffles

Tasty little morsels, making a profound difference in – How  “I”

Think about and interpret situations
Inspire myself and others
Challenge status quo breaking out of well worn patterns and routines (beyond there “use-by”)
Show up in the moment delivering passionately and effectively
Develop specific capability areas consistently holding it all together
Grow “enough said”