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(Res ipsa loquitur)

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“Any idiot can face a crisis –  it’s day to day living that wears you out”

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The path to mastery – starts with recognising, and embracing, that you are probably wearing yourself out.

Struggling, stuck in fixed ways, suffering?

Some don’t know or, more accurately, are not aware.

Many are self-aware, but don’t deal effectively with being stuck or, when challenged or struggling; and, what inevitably comes next –  suffering.

Somewhere in between, there is an almost imperceptible background hum of persistent, subtle resignation; signaling that something is not quite right, broken or, not good enough; but we don’t know why, or how to fix it.

Turning in quintessential hope, serenading anyone who’ll listen, but sounding more like passing puffs of wind, we justify in short bursts that life is fine; things are okay or, not bad; they are as good as they could be.

Analysing, evaluating, revisiting, reassessing nearly all the time; trying to convince without much evidence, chattering-self-talk/arguing/commentary adds confusion and distraction.  Putting on a brave-face to mask the incessant-fixing-need, out we go – “still crazy after all these years”.

  • Harshly judging ourselves
  • Dwelling on inner dramas that have little or no basis in fact
  • Constantly comparing to others
  • Blaming yourself for things you can’t control
  • Blaming others and situations for things you CAN control

Some more?

  • Adding self-misery and intrigue through bad habits and sly-addictions
  • Not being true to you living in your head – “trapped in thoughts”
  • Falling for the misguided belief that we can’t alter who we are
  • Thinking that mistakes, setbacks, failures are ‘catastrophic’ or bad

And, what about?

  • Not creating, getting or achieving what you want
  • Struggling for motivation – hard to find energy and enthusiasm
  • On your own, feeling on the outer, separate, don’t quite fit in
  • Believing not good enough; lacking in self confidence
  • Missing being the “one” – success/fulfillment seems to be for others
  • Harried, hurried, hassled, hopeless – or anything else starting with ‘h’

We all have our own way of making ourselves miserable and unhappy.

Our unique manner of self torment and make-believe.

If you don’t think so, you’re dreamin’ (kidding yourself).

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It is possible to end damaging ourselves – over and over – as well as the suffering that comes with it –  metaphorically, smelling the roses – and, all the delight and happiness that this entails.

Strangely, many don’t, settling for the false hope that all will miraculously improve, by doing the best we can.  This is honourable, maybe at a stretch; could even be admirable; but is not really living.

Holding-on, firmly clutching the old and the familiar – longtime staleness of same ol’ same ol’ – stoically putting one foot after another, whilst busily preoccupied wrestling with the slippery constructed science of human-doing.

Heavily groomed and relentlessly governed, as well as pressing against time; diligently in lock-step with the soft drumbeat of a self-imposed limiting score – missing the joy, artistry and sweet-rhythm of freely choosing human-being.

Is this you?   How would you even know?  (see tab – “Mysteries in life”)

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Welcome to “Personal Mastery”  where stuck and suffering ends


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Your Game Of Life - begins

“As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters”

Most of the time we cruise through life on automatic pilot, gliding across the thin ice of denial.  Spinning and turning with desired perfection – using habit, pretence, self-image – as a means of trying to avoid the still black water of disappointment, inadequacy and fear that sit below.  But it doesn’t work.

We get stuck in our ways.  And, suffer.  Pretending we don’t, but deep-down knowing that we do.  If telling the truth, life becoming a beige pastiche of getting-by and trying not to fall over (fail).

Only by realising the extent to which we are driven by the vanity of our endeavours, smallness of our attachments, urgency of our aversion can we free ourselves – ceasing the mindless chatter, needless action, mirage-like daydreaming – of seeking a more comfortable ‘controlled’ way of skating through life.

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” –  Plutarch

personal mastery - influence

Awareness and practice not perfection leads to growth and mastery

We can awaken to self-knowledge and a sense of who we are through relentless practice of observation.

Self-awareness is not analysis; nor meditating under a tree or needing a mindfulness retreat; it is simply noticing what we think, how we react, and what our subtle, over-used strategies for coping are.

If we notice, notice, notice; observing ourselves objectively – that is, without judgment – we can begin to see clearly our limited ideas of how we are supposed to be, how others are meant to behave, how life should turn-out.

We are premier specialists in developing personal mastery.

Unsurpassed ability to notice and take new effective action.

Personal Mastery is practice and awareness ahead of time so that when dealing with opportunity or adversity what is understood is immediately available and usable.

What you should know:

  • Only for discerning and critical thinkers interested in getting to the “nub of the matter”

  • Tested, challenged and refined over more than 25 years into an unsurpassed learning experience…. it works; on anybody, even hard-nuts

  • Uniquely targeted at the who and why.  Then, what and how.  Socratic personal development first and foremost followed by appropriate action

  • Two carefully crafted modes of delivery – one on one or small group process. Structure and content are similar, equally effective. You choose

  • If you’ve ever wondered…. “I want to do something really special for me; worth my time and effort; personable, informal, professional and highly sophisticated; exceptionally well-credentialed and world-class; guaranteed to have impact and lasting results; focused on potential (even at my age), capacity, happiness and output, but doesn’t take months or meetings to finalise; not out-there alternative or “fluffy”; something that is value for money and outstanding with strong effect on improving key relationships and outcomes”?

  • Then, stop wondering.  Try something new.

 Looking back it has been a fantastic journey and this is the first time in years I feel motivated and energised”

Senior Executive with mojo back

“It’s the best development program I have ever done (and I have done a lot).  It has made a significant difference to my work and home life – people who have known me for years have noticed the difference and my connection with my teenage son has improved as a result”

Senior Executive making a difference

A separate challenge

Can’t influence the world if you are separate to it.  Not by by sitting in the stands commentating or talking-about what you see – observing the game of life is not the same as being “on the court”.

When was the last time you really played – in both senses of the word?   Be honest now.

Can’t recall or maybe, never have?

Perhaps last occasion was when you were ‘little’ – every day packed with action, didn’t want it to end; glorious adventures filled with fun, excitement, wonder to; and, you were spontaneous, self-generating and free.


Hmm.   What happened?

“Someone has to start.  Other people might not be cooperative, but that is not connected to you.  My advice is this:  You should start.  With no regard to whether others are cooperative or not”  –  Alfred Adler

Gettin’ busy livin’  (smelling the roses)

What are you waiting for?

Keep in mind – “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes”