Perchance to fly

Hold that thought and consider what it could mean for growth and renewal

Elite self development way beyond simple bounds of logical thinking and conscious awareness

Wonder who butterflies are?


Here’s a great description with some changes [ ] added:

“A special sense of purpose lies behind [what they do].  For these people, [work] is a calling rather than simply a [means to an end or] good idea

They see current-reality as an ally, not an enemy. They have learned how to perceive and work with forces of change rather than resist those forces

[There is an inherent energy, playfulness, caring and excitement about what they do that inspires others]

They are deeply inquisitive, committed to continually seeing [their role and responsibility] more and more clearly [mixed with a newness and sureness of success]

They feel connected to others and to life itself.  Yet sacrifice none of their uniqueness [or individuality]

ripple-520x316They feel part of a larger creative process, which they can influence but not unilaterally control

They live in a continual learning mode and never “arrive”

They are [humble] acutely aware of their ignorance, their incompetence, growth areas.  Yet they are deeply self-confident”

Peter Senge [our changes]

Creating butterflies – "how to" essentials

The alchemy of transformation (coming your way) – should you wish to “fly” – here are some key process inputs:


Highlighting reality (no BS) straight honest communication

2. Introducing new perspectives not available in-company or in-house by virtue of surrounding “air” and “water”
3. Contributing an elevated unique sense of capability, insight and behaviour
4. Developing intriguing domains of surety and clarity to enjoyment, effectiveness, satisfaction
5. Bringing a “third-eye” ability to perceive aspects usually hidden from view
6. Lightening the load through simplicity combined with powerful operative practices
7. Providing rock-solid-platform of support and encouragement 
8. Generating an intrinsic sense of knowing

No point walking