Unique experience

One-on-one  comprises personalised evaluation, specialised timeframe and structured conversation/process for enhanced self-awareness and greater capability

There is also unlimited opportunity for ongoing interaction developing areas of personal interest and importance

Here is flavour and uniqueness of one-on-one design:

After short flight, plane lands in early evening (Day 1)

MIMG_6364 croppedet at airport and driven to hotel, chance to settle in, relax, catch up on some work and get an early night

Day 2 – Up bright next morning and off to “Mundamutti” 15 minutes away; chatting informally

Then down to business, safe informal conversation about you and what is possible

At times pausing, for light lunch or strolls around the surrounds with more engaging contribution, insight and awareness, a delightful time closes with aperitif and dialogue

35780_410119193290_6759282_nBack to hotel around 6.00pm to freshen up for dinner in one of the fine adjoining restaurants

Informal discussion during evening enriches the day

A sound sleep and reflection then learning process repeats over the next two days (Day 3 and Day 4); full of insight and self-discovery matched with clear development of influence and impact

Finally, Day 5, return flight late morning/early afternoon – able to meet all sorts of connections

Home again totally refreshed with whole new perspective and capability

Opportunity for additional check-in conversations over weeks and months ahead as life takes on new meaning, excitement, productivity.  And, in quiet moments of satisfied contemplation and reflection…. “what a fabulous experience; really glad I did this.  Wish I’d done it years ago”


Where: Mildura, so you’ll have to catch a plane (Qantas, Rex)
Timeframe: Residential session (three full days) followed by informal conversations (typically 3 or 4 over first month plus continuing platform of support…. no need to watch or worry about “cost-meter” as all ongoing contact is complementary)
Power of one: Personal, tailored, specific – generates remarkable insight and wherewithal
Investment: Upon inquiry