3  great mysteries in life

Air unto a bird Water unto a fish A person unto themselves

How does a person generate a sense of awareness and insight when they can’t see “water” (themselves)?

Well, for a start, answer doesn’t lie in simple competency and skill development, running faster, working harder or alignment to a strategic/corporate plan…. you’ve got to do a whole lot more.

People aren’t “grubs” but it’s a useful metaphor to illustrate dilemma:

P 008

Some forms of development lead to bigger grubs…. but no butterflies

Nothing inherently wrong with this approach (fingers-crossed) if strategy, drive for efficiency, continuous improvement, sticking to plan, executing effectively…. Cripes!  Let’s keep it simple – living a fulfilling life – are all sustainable by grubs.  And, nothing else.

Can be seriously limiting.  As you appreciate, the world was flat, or once thought – no amount of new ship building or sailing technology made a scrap of difference – until people were willing to leave the sight of land.

Being fundamentally different as a person; true to oneself – so, how about you?  When was the last time you let-go of cuddling the shore and caught a glimpse of a brand new horizon; to mix metaphors – stopped wriggling along; spreading wing and leaving the ground  [comprende]?

A word of future caution:  Watch out for others in your industry or service sector with “wings, colour and a fondness for flowers”.  They’ll be easy to see; moving faster, further, with better vantage and richer options.

It takes specific learning, though – a person unto themselves (being able to see our own ‘air and water’) – certainly doesn’t happen by accident; unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, can be dumped-on-you through crisis; but why put up with the heartache, when there is another, more easy and impactful way?

No wings…. is it worth the worry and risk?  Life can be far more colourful