3  great mysteries in life

Air unto a bird Water unto a fish A person unto themselves

How does a person generate a sense of awareness and insight when they can’t see “water” (themselves)?

Well, for a start, answer doesn’t lie in simple competency and skill development, running faster, working harder or alignment to a strategic/corporate plan…. you’ve got to do a whole lot more

People aren’t “grubs” but it’s a useful metaphor to illustrate dilemma:

P 008

Some forms of development lead to bigger grubs…. but no butterflies

Nothing inherently wrong with this approach (fingers-crossed) if strategy, drive for efficiency, continuous improvement, sticking to plan, executing effectively…. Cripes!  Let’s keep it simple – living a fulfilling life – are all sustainable by grubs.  And, nothing much else

Can be seriously limiting though.  As you appreciate, the world was once flat, or so thought – no amount of new ship building or sailing technology made a scrap of difference – until people were willing to leave the sight of land

Being fundamentally different as a person; true to oneself – so, how about you?  When was the last time you let-go of cuddling the shoreline and, caught a glimpse of a brand new horizon; to mix metaphors – stopped wriggling along; spreading wing and, leaving the ground  [comprende]?

A word of future caution:  Watch out for others in your industry or service sector with “wings, colour and a fondness for flowers”.  They’ll be easy to see; moving faster, further, with better vantage and richer options

It takes specific learning – a person unto themselves (being able to see our own ‘air and water’) – certainly doesn’t happen by accident; unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, can be dumped-on-you through crisis – death in the family, loss of a job, a personal health issue – but why wait or put up with the heartache and worry, when there is another, more impactful and, easier way?

Life can be so much more colourful