A big challenge

Can’t influence the world if you are separate to it.  Not by by sitting in the stands commentating or talking-about what you see – observing the game of life is not the same as being “on the court”.

When was the last time you really played – in both senses of the word?   Be honest now.

Can’t recall or maybe, never have?

Perhaps last occasion was when you were ‘little’ – every day packed with action, didn’t want it to end; glorious adventures filled with fun, excitement, wonder to; and, you were spontaneous,  self-generating,  free.


Hmm.   What happened?

“Someone has to start.  Other people might not be cooperative, but that is not connected to you.  My advice is this:  You should start.  With no regard to whether others are cooperative or not”  –  Alfred Adler

Gettin’ busy livin’  (smelling the roses)

Designing, playing, winning, your game of life

NB.  Keep in mind that – “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes” mistakenly, might think you can

Then, go back to Tab – “Delusion”…. looking more closely at the running, jumping, standing-still person.  Stuck on the treadmill of habit.  Commonly known as, dead-person-walking