A big challenge

Can’t influence the world if you are separate to it.  Not by by sitting in the stands commentating or talking-about what you see – observing the game of life is not the same as being “on the court”

When was the last time you really played – in both senses of the word?   Be honest now

Can’t recall or maybe, never have?

Perhaps last occasion was when you were ‘little’ – every day packed with action, didn’t want it to end; glorious adventures filled with fun, excitement, wonder to; and, you were spontaneous,  self-generating,  free


Hmm.   What happened?


Gettin’ busy livin’  (smelling the roses)

Designing, playing, winning, your game of life

Or, gettin’ busy dyin’

“You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes” mistakenly, might think you can

Then, click back to Tab – “Delusion”…. and look more closely at the running, jumping, standing-still person.  Stuck on the treadmill of habit.  Commonly known as, dead-person-walking