Got to have a formula

But first, a reality check

Every day waking up ‘smack’ in the middle of the past – the default human condition.  A reset button remarkably kicks-in overnight – our very own ‘groundhog day’ – irrespective of intention.  Believing otherwise is loony-tunes, fluttering with fairies – if in doubt notice what you wake up to in the morning?

Layering-in more complexity, our thinking is riddled with error, impregnated with falsehood, time and time again.  Like bugs or malicious software causing miss-firing in our fixated view.  Thanks to this skewed programming – it is impossible to think way out of dilemma – like fish trying to see water, or birds, the air flying under wing Our private malware deeply embedded in our thought ‘system’ – deceptively placed there, encrypted, foreign and new.

So, automatically opening our eyes from slumber fully dipped in a reality, from the past.

Thought processes available to work-with are unconsciously biased, even flawed; slanting toward pulling-the-wool-over-my-eyes; distorting the truth – topping it all off, “I’m” basically delusional – by ‘hoping’ somehow, this might mysteriously change or miraculously improve or disappear?  Situation made far, far worse, by ‘my’ not even being aware.

Living a free, fulfilling, authentic life – are you serious?   You’ve gotta be kidding.

Generously, what will be granted, is doing the best you can.   But this entirely misses the point.

Taking a closer look – stuck as mindful ego-concept; no better than “1”.  One.  One.  One.

Remember your math? – anything to the power of “1” stays the same.

Change versus transformation – the French proverb providing profound insight – “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – the more things change the more they stay the same” – working hard, ending-up producing no better than a bigger version of “1”.  Over and over; again and again.

Change is highly effective for skill and competency development, improving efficiency and routine, but is totally useless for living a joyous fulfilling life, in and of itself – as ‘change’ does not affect reality on a deeper level, other than to cement the status quo.  Put there by a small, frightened five-year-old – sweet little ol’ you.  Now, stuck….  and, probably don’t even know it.  Suffering…. you can get that…. but, no way out.

Designing, playing, winning – the game of life

1. First of all, wake up – for goodness sake – nothing happens without this.  You don’t have to be “1” –  anything is possible
2. Living inside your head is ‘dead person walking’ – echo’s of interventions past.  Keeps you ruminating, round and round, ploughing same old ground
3. Responsibly creating reality (as opposed to being a reaction-to) is a result of awareness; thereby generating a keen sense of knowing – like the homing instinct in pigeons or migration pattern of whales – they just ‘know’ how to get there
4. Starting with getting the ‘past’ out of the way – akin to removing a log in a river or splinter in the eye.  Then powerfully creating a new – Context – free from the constraints of the past – a life based on being independently responsible; built on a foundation of integrity and ‘pulling my weight’ – no excuses – the buck stops with me – every time, always

Rich reward

Mundamutti Mastery is a function of living a purposefully designed life.

Daily training in ‘Completing the past’ and ‘Creating the future’ –  dealing effectively with the overnight reset-button –  else, inevitable default position is stupefying slumber – ‘numb’ asleep; to joy and excitement of really living –  stuck in the past; supposedly safe and cozy (not really, if telling the truth), boring (be sure of this) –  and, did warn you –  full-of, and comprised entirely of, ‘dead person walking’

And, you wonder why suffering and not happy?    < Sigh  >

Surely, time to smell the roses?  What, are you waiting for?