Extensive breadth and depth

IMG_6597-2Designed in the context of critical points of distinction completing the past and creating the future; and underpinning “Touchstones” and “Trimtab Truffles” (exciting levers for change).  Key is not trying to do everything all at once, but knowing what makes a difference…. how best to use and, when

Elegant and timely process, provides learning experiences and support structures that enable insight, awareness and development of a person’s unique capability

 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”
Marcel Proust

Skewed View:

IMG_6431Not getting “stuck” or trapped in old ways, maintaining flexibility and poise.  Ability to distill key aspects, bringing out the magnificence in self and others

Moving beyond limiting, constrained individual thought and isolated independence, to interdependence; and, the greater good

Trimtab Truffles:  Relationships matter; Self portrait;  Meta context for life; Perceptual blocks

Plain Speaking:

IMG_6634Able to convey intent and clarity of effort, generating alignment

Staying on “song”.  Being enrolling

Trimtab Truffles:  Master class; Journey into darkness; Gates of heaven; Traveling light; Justifying denial

Getting Real:

IMG_6629Operating from clear assessment of current reality, combined with a strong sense of what’s important and, needs focus now

Turning on its head…. “When all is said and done a lot more is said than done”

Trimtab Truffles:  Profound relationship with reality; Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

Hard Living:

IMG_6384Not compromising on ideals, while at same time, “sailing down wind”

Trusted and trusting of others. Utilising expansive and leveraged process/diligence in scoping and evaluating possibilities. Transparency in decision making and, in creating a powerful way forward

Trimtab Truffles:  Elevated thinking; To be or not to be; More than one way to “skin a cat”

"ILOC Bloc":

IMG_6650Cutting through complexity and clutter

Taking responsibility and, concentrating on critical areas underpinning effectiveness (stepping-up-to-the-plate, unwavering commitment, steadfastness to deliver, acting as engaging role model)

Trimtab Truffles:  The cavalry aren’t coming;  Foundation of integrity; My 50%

Road Less Travelled:

IMG_6389Translating intention into reality, dealing effectively with the journey (“creative tension”)

Focusing on meaning, purpose, inspiring self and others

Trimtab Truffles:  Art of conversation; Truth shall set you free; Getting out of the way; Future living into

Pious Pitfalls:

Effectively managing self and others. Being “alive” and fostering participation, contribution, discretionary effort, team…. producing outstanding results, through inspired action

Measuring how “I stack up” against this criteria

Trimtab Truffles:  Eliminating upset; Being cause in the matter; Ending the madness; Disease of gratification; In the moment

Spluttering Resilience:

IMG_6573Being unstoppable.  Testing espoused theory versus theory in action (looking at “no kidding what you actually do”)

When faced with ambiguity and uncertainty, how to maintain critical judgment and discernment (mixed with astute knowing when to “hold’em or fold’em”)

Trimtab Truffles:  Honour among thieves; Fundamental attribution error; Power of influence; Simple rules