"What" is clear

There have been many changes in recent times.  More coming down-the-road.

Good news, is that people seem clear about “what” needs doing.  Unfortunately, there is also some bad news, people seem clear about “what” needs doing.

Here’s a dilemma

Woody Allen once said “avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities and be home by 6 o’clock.  Simple.  Only problem, it doesn’t happen.

For a great many, avoiding pitfalls, seizing opportunities, is a struggle or never eventuates.

Home by 6 o’clock is dreamin’ or, if they do, after kids are in bed, a nightmare (more work to do).  At least there are weekends to catch up.  Yeah right!

People seem to be working harder and harder, yet are time poor, lacking energy, without fulfilment, enjoyment, satisfaction in their lives, ease and grace – forget it! – …. joie de vivre at home, and work, gone missing, or never to be found?  Elvis, has left the building!

Who you are

makes a big difference to everything

Unfortunately, this gets overlooked, time and time again, which is a big mistake…. perhaps because all too busy, rushing to fit everything in; racing at breakneck speed < pause, to draw breath >  to…. err…. err  where?  Run run run.  Faster faster faster.  Hurry hurry hurry.

“What” only gets you so far…. and, that’s not far!