Looking behind the mask

“Our actions are the only mirror in which we can see who we really are”

Thomas Carlyle – Sign of the Times

              Would you like to swing on a star?
              Carry moon beams home in a jar?
              And be better than you are?
              Or, would you rather be a mule?

                 Swinging on a Star

What you do, is who you are

  • Definitely not for “mules” (Maslow’s 98%)
  • Only for the discerning – evaluating how “I” act and do creating constructive ways to lead, inspire, engage, influence (self and others)
  • Looking for awareness in maintaining clarity, focus, composure even when things are uncertain or going “pear-shaped”
  • Up for new insights in personal effectiveness and impact
  • For thinking-bigger and seeing situations through different lenses, extending beyond self-imposed limits
  • Willing to embrace a dynamic combination of current reality mixed with the sureness of success – “getting real and getting on with it”
  • Ready for growth and self-development (no matter experience or how “young”)
  • Perhaps not sure “where I’m at or what I’m after” but definitely know that I have to do something…. and sooner rather than later
  • All important stuck-busting – suffering-ending – breaking out of old habits and routines – that are way past there use-by.  Bringing fresh new perspectives and approaches to life
  • Answering the question – “Who am I”?   But by creating it, not trying to find it

To thine own self be true

Removing the put-on, energy-sapping, masquerade